Is the recipient male or female?
Who will be the recipient of the perfume to be designed?
As a gift
Personal details
Which perfume has the recipient been using previously?
Does the recipient suffer from any allergies related to scents or food ingredients?
Are there any ingredients that the perfume should not contain?
For which occasion do you want to use your perfume?
Everyday Life
Leisure Time
To go out
What character should the perfume have?
What impression should the perfume give?
Choose a flacon for the perfume
How do you want to label your flacon?
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max. 20 Characters (20)
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Bespoke perfume custom made for you

Your individual scent personalised for you!

Your bespoke perfume

Now you can be the maker of your own personalised perfume, UNIQUE offers exclusive access in the development of your very own bespoke perfume. The UNIQUE fragrance experts mix your perfume custom made for you based on your answers to our questionnaire so that the perfume is customized to your desires. After you answer whether the perfume is meant for you or as a gift, you may indicate what stage of life you are in. Then you are asked to which occasion you will be wearing your perfume. Is the perfume intended for work, the evening, or for the whole day? Other questions deal primarily with the scent of the perfume and effect of your custom fragrance. Here, you can optionally specify your personal preferences in order to get the perfect scent. You also have the option of specifying your old perfume so that our UNIQUE fragrance experts can have a clearer picture of your person and your preference to perfume. At the end of creating your bespoke fragrance, UNIQUE lets you to select one of our designer bottles. You can even give your own perfume a personalized name.

For yourself or customized as a personal gift

Our bespoke perfumers are happy to create a personal scent also for one of your loved ones. For this option just select “as a gift” in the second question. Please follow the questions and give us answers regarding the recipient’s character and preferences. If you do not know what kind of scents the person likes, just skip the question. One you are done with the perfume test, you can design the flacon bottle. You can label the bottle with the recipient’s name or a personal picture. If you decide to give it as a gift, you might think about choosing one of our limited edition designer bottles. Some of the a coated with real gold by a gold smith. Others are finish with Swarvoski crystals by a jeweler. We would also be happy to gift wrap it for you. Optionally you can also get a pocket atomizer, so your loved-one can always take the favorite perfume with him. This way your perfume is a one-of-a-kind gift idea.

Every bespoke perfume truly unique handmade masterpiece

Bespoke perfumer develop your personal scent

As soon as you finish your order, our fragrances experts start with the development of your personal scent recipe in our laboratory. First our experts analyze your answers to the perfume test. Afterwards the unique recipe is being developed and tested according to your profile. After our experts confirmed your fragrance recipe, your perfume is being produced. First of all the perfume bottle is labeled individually. Next the ingredients are bottled in our perfume lab. After adolescence and final quality assurance, your perfume is shipped to you. During the production process every single step is true handwork by our experiences staff. Within just a few days you will get the delivery of your custom made perfume. Every piece a unique masterpiece!

Please feel free to contact our fragrance experts for perfume consultation at any time. We are happy to help you creating your very unique perfume.