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Create your own perfume or cologne - How it works

  • Choose personal Scent Character

    1. Choose a scent type for your own perfume

    You can create your own perfume at UNIQUE with intuitive ease. First make up your mind for one of our 5 masculine or feminine fragrances, for example sporty or elegant. This emphasizes the character of your perfume. After that, choose your favourite fragrance, for example, floral, fruity or oriental. This forms the basis for our recommendation system.

  • Select your unique fragrance composition

    2. Choose up to 6 fragrances yourself

    Now choose up to 6 matching fragrances from the recommended ones. With the aid of stars you will see which fragrances blend well with your perfume in particular. Our fragrance compass that has been developed in collaboration with experienced perfumers shows in which direction your perfume will be developed. If you are uncertain about the choice of certain notes, follow one of our recipe suggestions. UNIQUE fragrance system has been developed in such a way that with every new creation, top, middle, and base notes are always balanced ensuring a perfect blend.

  • Customize your Perfume Bottle

    3 Make your personalised perfume bottle

    In the last step, you choose one of our noble glass flacons. You can name it as well as label it with various designs. It is also possible to upload one of your own logos or photos. The bottles are custom printed using latest manufacturing techniques and are customised by fragrance experts at UNIQUE. Our experts are happy to support you and to explain you in detail how our process works.

Making your own custom perfumes and colognes

Create your own unique perfume

The innovative fragrance system of UNIQUE allows every person to create her or his own perfume or cologne online. Making custom perfumes ist easy. One does not require any knowledge of fragrances and interaction with them as the fragrances blend well with one another. UNIQUE fragrance system has been developed in such a way that with every new creation, top, middle, and base notes are always balanced ensuring a perfect blend. That means you can find your perfect perfume in just four steps. After selecting your gender, you can first decide the characteristics of your fragrance. For each gender, you can choose from five different characters. Subsequently, you can choose the direction of your fragrance basis our fragrance recommendation. With the help of stars you will be shown, how well the individual fragrance suits the fragrance direction chosen by you. In addition, UNIQUE fragrance compass provides guidance to you. Altogether, up to six portions can be added to the fragrances in your individual perfume. If you are unsure about the choice of an individual note, simply follow our recipe suggestions. Finally, choose one of our high quality designer flacon and give a name to your perfume.